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10–13 April 2022 // Austin, TX, USA
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WS-04: Workshop on Open RAN Architecture for 5G Evolution and 6G

WS-04: Workshop on Open RAN Architecture for 5G Evolution and 6G

RAN platforms is about $32B industry and with the advent of 5G/5G Evolution, and 6G on the horizon, operators are looking for vendor diversity and open RAN interfaces to reduce TCO. Cloudification and white box approach to network deployment are expected to reduce deployments costs. O-RAN Alliance was launched in June 2018 to adopt open RAN interfaces and infrastructure and has widespread participation among operators and vendors. In addition to open interfaces, RAN programmability and service optimization through leverage of AI and Machine Learning are also high on the priority list of O-RAN Alliance, being seen as the enablers for faster time-to-market of new services. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from both industry and academia, cellular service providers, and industrial partners to explore Open RAN architecture for 5G Evolution leading to 6G, role of AI/ML in RAN architecture and network optimization, business case of whitebox hardware, Cloud infrastructure for RAN, and adoption of open standards, interfaces and APIs. The focus of the workshop will be on the evolution of RAN architecture to support 5G Evolution and 6G requirements, intelligence in RAN, related requirements, commercial use cases, lessons learned from real-world deployments and performance results. The workshop will offer keynote speeches by prominent figures from both commercial and research sides, as well as technical presentations on the latest research and development in open RAN standards, management and automation, training and deployment of AI/ML models in RAN, optimization using radio intelligent controller, and deployment related results using real-world examples and scenarios.

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