IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
10–13 April 2022 // Austin, TX, USA
Boosting Verticals into Wireless Orbit

WS-05: The International Workshop on 5G/6G NTN-Enabling Technologies

WS-05: The International Workshop on 5G/6G NTN-Enabling Technologies


The emergence of low-cost LEO (Low Earth Orbit) mega-constellations is changing the satellite communication scenarios since (i) the lower satellite orbit altitudes allow a low latency and (ii) the large scale of constellation offers much higher capacity and flexibility than the existing satellite networks. The integration of non-terrestrial networks into terrestrial 5G networks is another important enabler in achieving global coverage, since it facilitates seamless user roaming between cellular and non-terrestrial networks. The above-mentioned benefits will jointly contribute to a better user experience. In this context, 6G is further expanding the unification of the terrestrial and non-terrestrial components into a multidimensional and multilayered architecture providing enhanced capacity, flexibility, efficiency, and resilience. To this aim, it is fundamental to identify the relevant enabling technologies to be investigated addressing, but not limited to, the following areas

  • Vision of NTNs for 6G communications
  • Evolutionary air interface solutions for NTNs
  • NTN RAN architectures
  • Unification of non-terrestrial and terrestrial networks
  • Constellation network managements
  • High throughput satellites technologies
  • LEO and vLEO wireless communications
  • UAV/HAPS wireless communications
  • Technologies for inter-satellite links (ISLs) communications
  • Evolutionary RF technologies for NTNs
  • Spectrum management
  • New spectrum



  • Paper submission deadline: December 31, 2021
  • Acceptance notification: January 31, 2022
  • Final paper submission: February 25, 2022



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