IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
10–13 April 2022 // Austin, TX, USA
Boosting Verticals into Wireless Orbit

WS-03: Workshop on Performance Evaluation and QoX for Future Services and Technologies

WS-03: Workshop on Performance Evaluation and QoX for Future Services and Technologies

Who likes to watch their favorite series in good quality without missing a single detail of the scenes? Who wants to be able to watch their favorite streamer live without cuts or stops? But, let's go a step further, automating factories and increasing the role of workers from operators to AI controllers? Who dreams of being able to make video calls with holograms, the "holo calls"? New and forthcoming technologies are expected to revolutionize our industry, our transport systems, health, and so on. However, these systems are becoming very large and complex at the same time. Several challenges remain to be resolved before these systems become a commodity. Guaranteeing QoS/QoE, provisioning artificial intelligence on these systems, and evaluating their communication performance represent key challenges to succeed in designing and developing future technologies at peoples' service.

In addition, once designed and implemented, the final systems must be checked to verify their correct operation in any situation. In these scenarios, performance evaluation methods and processes demonstrate their dynamic nature as a whole process. Any system must provide adequate quality for the end-user that will determine the success of an application. For this, researchers must have evaluation methods where from measurable values we can know or predict the performance of our system, both objectively and subjectively.

We expect to bring together researchers from the networking, computer science, computer architecture, and performance evaluation communities to describe, discuss, and advance the state of the art in performance evaluation and QoX of modern and future technologies. The workshop solicits papers that cover new performance evaluation tools, including measurement and monitoring tools, provide new insights into the performance of computing and communication systems, such as new quality evaluation ideas (Quality of Data, Quality of Information, Quality of Service, Quality of user Experience, and in general, Quality of X, QoX), and introduce novel application areas. Analysis, simulation, and/or experimentation results are welcome.


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